The group


Ammertaler Saitenmusik

In 1977 the Kroeker sisters Bernd, Klaus and Anja startet to make music together in Bad Bayersoien. When they are only 9, 8 and 7 years old, they make their debut as a trio with their instruments, the zither, the hammer dulcimer and the guitar. They enchant their audience with their Bavarien folk musik.

Wherever they play, be it in churches on festive occasions, at events dedicates to folklore and tradition, or in hotels to entertain guests, they fascinate their audiences with their broad repertoire. After high school graduation, they tour the United States and Canada where they make lots of new friends due to their refreshing performances.

Twelve years later their “baby” sister Barbara and her violin join trio and finally their “old” friend Stefan Hirzinger and his massive contrabass complete the “Ammertaler Saitenmusik” (String Musik from the Ammertal).

To this day, the same players successfully familiarize their old and young listeners with true Bavarian folk music.